Terms and Conditions

Welcome to TourPlan Pvt Ltd. If you browse and use our website, you are accepted to comply with and be bound the terms and conditions of TourPlan Pvt Ltd. If you don’t agree with any part of these terms of conditions, please do not use our website.

Rental agreement

The Rental Agreement comprises certain terms and conditions. The rental document is set out the contract subtle elements, which are given for every vehicle at the point of hiring in these terms and conditions as the "Rental Document". The Rental Agreement is made between TourPlan Pvt Ltd and the person or company signing the Rental Document whose particulars are recorded in the Rental Document.   

The customer should pay the car/bus/truck rental according to the rates and plans specified on the site of TourPlan Pvt Ltd at the time of booking. The customer should likewise pay parking charges, toll charges, service tax, state tax, and some other expense or collect by and by payable or forced hereinafter under appropriate law/s for proving the car/bus/truck rental services.  


Customers can cancel the booking 24 hours prior to the time of pick-up, there will not be any cancellation charges. In case cancellation is requested within 24 hours of the journey time, no refund is given.

When it comes to hiring a bus there is no refund is not given.  

customer concurs and acknowledges that no refund will be given if the cancellation information is given after the reporting time of the car/truck If cancellation demand is gotten before an hour of the planned pickup, convenience charge would be deducted from the sum which has been booked for as preauthorization or advance. When it comes to the bus booking, there won’t be any refund.

If you are eligible for a refund, it will be remitted back to your account in 5-7 working days. In case of any queries, please send a mail to us at info@TourPlan Pvt Ltd .

 We are not responsible

TourPlan Pvt Ltd is not responsible or liable for any loss or harm, howsoever brought about or suffered by the Customer emerging out of the use of car/bus/truck rental service offered by TourPlan Pvt Ltd or because of failure of TourPlan Pvt Ltdto offer to the Customer to any reason at all including yet not restricted to the Customer's resistance with the services' recorded voice guidelines, breakdown, incomplete of any system terminal, information preparing framework, PC teletransmission or broadcast communications framework or different conditions regardless of whether outside the ability to control of TourPlan Pvt Ltdor any individual or any organization required in the above mentioned systems.  

Without partiality to the above, TourPlan Pvt Ltd is not liable for any direct or indirect misfortune or harm which might be endured by the Customer accordingly of any part of TourPlan Pvt Ltd to give a navigate to the Customer inside any stipulated time regardless of the possibility that TourPlan Pvt Ltd has consented to provide a car/bus/truck, or regardless of the possibility that the Customer has informed TourPlan Pvt Ltd of any such misfortune or harm which would come about if the car/bus/truck is not given at all or is not given the stipulated time to the Customer.

We abide by law

TourPlan Pvt Ltd is entitled to reveal the particulars of the Customer/s in possession TourPlan Pvt Ltd to all organizations controlled by TourPlan Pvt Ltd or any of its approved drivers or any government body as required by the law/or by order/or demand from any administration body or to any outsider regarded fit and appropriate by TourPlan Pvt Ltd , in its absolute carefulness.

TourPlan Pvt Ltd has right to act

TourPlan Pvt Ltd can terminate the booking of the customer without giving any reason or notice.

Customers should look after goods

TourPlan Pvt Ltd requests all its customers to look after their luggage/belongings. In case of any loss, from the car/bus during the journey, TourPlan Pvt Ltd shall endeavor to locate the lost luggage/belongings on a "best-effort" but TourPlan Pvt Ltd is not responsible for such loss or damage.

There is a chance of leaving luggage in the bus/car/truck or has any complaint in respect of the service or the use of a vehicle, customers have to make a complaint to TourPlan Pvt Ltd within 24 hours.


If any dispute arising between the customers and TourPlan Pvt Ltd , it would be referred to an Arbitrator, appointed by TourPlan Pvt Ltd in its sole discretion. The arbitrator will act according to the Act 1996. He will be binding upon the customers as well as TourPlan Pvt Ltd . The high court of Andhra Pradesh has the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matters which is instituted before any court of law, arising from the use of services provided by the TourPlan Pvt Ltd .

Website rights

TourPlan Pvt Ltd has the right to add, change and amend any or all of these terms and conditions at any time and customer is bound by such addition, made in these terms and conditions with effect from the date set forth by TourPlan Pvt Ltd. All the details of terms and condition are available at www.TourPlan.tk.

TourPlan Pvt Ltd is entitled to record all the calls made to the call center/s of TourPlan Pvt Ltd for quality and training purposes.

Vehicles registered with TourPlan Pvt Ltd is constantly tracked by TourPlan Pvt Ltd using GPS for security reasons or for reasons deemed fit and proper by TourPlan Pvt Ltd.

The User must abide by all such additional changes and guidelines, as modified from time to time on the website, with respect to the use of TourPlan Pvt Ltd services. The User additionally warrants that the User shall agree with all the appropriate laws and directions regarding the services provided by TourPlan Pvt Ltd .

 Customers are fined if found involved in any of the following

Customers are not supposed to force the driver to cross the limits of TourPlan Pvt Ltd terms and conditions. You cannot impose any own decisions either on the vehicle or on the driver. Since we abide by law and the safety of customers, we strictly follow standards in our profession. In case, you find going beyond the terms and conditions, you are responsible for paying the fine. Please check the details given below.


TourPlan Pvt Ltd  allows the customers to drive the vehicle up to a speed of 100 km/hr 63 miles. Beyond, will be calculated as over speeding. It costs you Rs 200 in the first instance. It would be followed Rs 500 and Rs 1000 for 2nd instance. For the third time, it would cost you Rs 1700. After the third time, the booking will be canceled and the company has the right to take the vehicle back and terminate the hiring agreement from the customers.   

Traffic violation

For any traffic violation received during your journey, TourPlan Pvt Ltd will charge traffic violation to customers.  

Car spare part changed

Customers have no right to change or remove any parts of vehicles. In case of an emergency, the customers must inform to TourPlan Pvt Ltd and follow as per the advice. Without information to the company, making any changes to the vehicle, customers are fined Rs 5000.

Tire misuse:

Any damage caused for a tire from driving in a bad terrain and continued driving and resulting tire puncture, customers are charged for the cost of the tire.

Running a vehicle in damaged conditions:

If the car gets damaged in accident and customers are advised not to drive and they have to inform to the TourPlan Pvt Ltd without delay. If not, customers are charged for the cost of the parts of the car.

Unauthorized activity in the car/truck/bus:

Customers are not allowed to carry any unauthorized and harmful things like arms and banned drugs. Customers are also not allowed to use the car for any commercial activity like promoting products or sell. In such cases, customers are charged a penalty of Rs 5000.  

External branding:

TourPlan Pvt Ltd does not entertain external branding on the car. Customers are not allowed to paint the brand or paste anything to promote. If it is found, customers have to pay the penalty of Rs 5000.

Tampering with devices:

TourPlan Pvt Ltd strictly takes the action on tampering with odometer, GPS device, and any car/bus technology devices. In case, it is found, customers will have to pay the penalty of Rs 1000 and over on the original cost of the device.

Fake and tampered documents are not accepted:  

If customers produce fake documents and tampered personal documents, customers are charged with Rs 1000 If found guilty.


There is no permission for customers to drive into banned regions. If customers go into banned places, Naxal-hit territories, the extreme end of Ladakh and the international border of the Republic of India, customers will be fined up to 10,000.